About Us

2015 Security Services

2015 Security Services established in 2015, are able to offer security services throughout the United Kingdom. Our team is highly trained, fully licenced security guards, have local knowledge and resources, which gives us to provide you best protection with passion. We are offering several key services such as dog handler, key holding, Commercial site security etc. Whether you need security for your home or business premises we are giving reasonable lonf term services.

Customer Service 99.99%
Availability 99.99%
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    Our Vision
Our Vision

2015Security Service aims to be the premier provider of innovative security services with customer-focused solutions that are integrated and managed to support the objective of its clients. With its unrivalled expertise 2015Security Service is a thriving new addition to the security industry. Our rapid growth is the outcome of the resolve to provide tailor-made solutions based on each client’s diverse needs.

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    Our Mission
Our Mission

2015 SECURITY SERVICES Ltd is committed to protecting the public and delivering the highest quality of service to our clients whilst creating a safe and stable working environment for our staff. We work towards the continuous development of our staff and procedures by training and support.

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    Our Goals
Our goal

2015Security Service management and staff are a combination of those recruited from the security industry and those who have risen through the Company’s ranks. 2015Security Service attributes this to an employment ethos that incorporates absolute adherence to its equal opportunities policy, rigorous recruitment and continuous training programs; all with an emphasis placed upon professional enrichment.

Safety in your Surroundings

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

Your home or business or your own safety is very important. If sometimes happens, you could be left empty handed. Just look around your side how things can happen very quickly before you realise. You need protection, you need 24/7 keep an eye on your valuable property but this is not possible for all times by you. We need someone who can you assure your safety and protection. We 2015 Security Services Whatever happens in your surroundings we will look after it all.

Day and Night Guarding

Our singular objective is to provide you and your staff peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your business is being protected round the clock.
After the close of business hours, 2015Security services will assume control of security arrangements of your premises. When any internal or external alarm is activated, the images of the incident are relayed live to our CCTV Operation Center thereby setting off our Response Protocol.
Our CCTV Monitoring operatives will act on pre-determined procedures (set by you, the client). This may include verbally challenging the intruder or/and contacting the police, Emergency Service or 2015Security S&S Response Units.