Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

We acknowledge that, no matter how hard we try to do our best, mistakes sometimes occur, and we may occasionally not give our Stakeholders, Employees or Clients the high quality of service that they properly expect from us.

We welcome, in those situations, being told that this has happened in the form of a
Complaint. When this occurs, which should be rarely, we will make every effort possible to quickly and efficiently remedy the problem, acknowledging directly our responsibility to correct errors, and doing so without compromising the rights and expectations of our Stakeholders, Employees, or Clients.

We incorporate everything we learn from addressing a Complaint to make our future quality of service better and to avoid similar problems from happening in the future.

We pledge to address Complaints:

Swiftly: A formal acknowledgement within 24 hours, If the complaint has not been resolved to send an interim response at the 3 day point, A full and final response at the 7 day point, A follow up 10 – 14 days after the final response to ensure the complainant is still happy with the resolution.

Efficiently: The Director of the business will personally take charge of the investigation of the complaint and directly communicate with the complainant to attempt to resolve the problem without delay.

Transparently: Documentation will be kept of the full results of the investigation and provided to the complaining party.

Honestly: If we have made an error or mistake, we will frankly acknowledge it. If our service was deficient in any way that was within our reasonable control, we will do our utmost to ensure that the complaining party does not suffer the consequences.

If you have a Complaint, please communicate with the 2015 Security Services Ltd Team via Email, postal letter, fax, or telephone.