Smoking Policy

Smoking Policy


This policy is intended to protect all 2015 Security Services Ltd employees, service users, customers and visitors from second-hand tobacco smoke exposure and to comply with the Smoke-free Premises Regulations 2007.

Exposure to second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking, increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. Ventilation or separating smokers and nonsmokers within the same air space does not completely stop potentially dangerous exposure.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire workplace with no exceptions. This includes company vehicles. This policy applies to all employees, consultants, sub-contractors, customers or members and visitors.


Overall responsibility for policy implementation and review rests with company director. All staff are obliged to adhere to, and facilitate the implementation of the policy. The company director shall inform all existing employees, consultants and contractors of the policy and their role in the implementation and monitoring of the policy. They’ll also have to give all new personnel a copy of the policy on recruitment/induction. Appropriate ‘No smoking’ signs will be clearly displayed at the entrances to and within the premises.


Local disciplinary procedures should be followed if a member of staff does not comply with this policy. The procedures set out on page 12 of the booklet ‘Helping to get your business or organization ready for the new law on smoking’ should be followed if a customer, visitor or passenger does not comply. Those who do not comply with the smoking law are also liable to a fixed penalty fin and possible criminal prosecution.

Help to Stop Smoking

Support for smokers who want to stop will be provided. Sources of support are: Smokeline 0800848484, the Public Health Department of your local NHS Board, or your local GP surgery. Contact details can be found in your local directory.


All work vehicles must be kept e smoke-free always except if only the same person ever uses them and never carries passengers.

Employer Duties
 We display No Smoking Signs as legally required.

 We make sure that to ensure employees, customers and visitors do not smoke in our
workplaces or vehicles.

 We look into and promptly investigate complaints about employees, customers or
visitors smoking.

 We train, inform and consult employees concerning this policy.

Enforcement of this Policy

Failure to comply with this policy will be dealt with through the company’s disciplinary procedures. Visitors or members of the public who breach the policy will be asked to stop smoking and will be asked to leave the premises if they fail to comply with this request. All breaches of this policy will be recorded in writing by the organisation. Be aware that, in addition to action taken under this policy, the local council may take legal action against individuals who smoke in Smoke-free places or vehicles.